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Specialist painless Electroporation mesotherapy device is used to push active ingredients through the dermal layers.
Fusion Meso F-XBC meso treatment reduces cellulite & activates lipolysisis.
Each vial of F-XBC used during these treatments contains only the pure active ingredients, without any preservatives or other chemicals:
Vectorized hyaluronidase, artichoke & ginkgo biloba extracts eliminate the accumulated liquids charged with toxins leading to a volume & reduction of heavy leg sensations.  Vectorized lipase, organic silicon & caffeine stimulate the adipocytes to release fat, while L-carnitine stimulates the cells to burn the released fatty acids.   To complete the process melitotus fortifies the blood vessels to avoid the accumulation of new cellulite, while hydrocotyle extract firms the skin to reduce flaccidity due to the volume reduction.

Best, longest lasting results are seen in courses of treatments. 
Book & pay 3 (weekly) treatments upfront and get 50% off a 200ml PPC+ cream (transdermal cream that reduces fat deposits & cellulite). (Service covers either one medium-large area or multiple smaller ones)

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PRE-Treatment Advice:

  • Increase your water intake and aim to drink more than 1 litre a day, especially in the day prior to treatment (coffee, tea, cola DOES NOT count as water!)

  • Medications are OK to take, including diuretics [substances that increase the flow of urine)

  • Cut back on toxins [i.e. Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco)

  • Do NOT binge eat!

  • Do NOT drink alcohol the night before your session

  • Do NOT drink fizzy, carbonated drinks for 3-4 hours prior to your session

  • Do NOT starve/avoid food as this will put your body into starvation mode causing you to store fat as opposed to shedding it

  • Do not have a heavy meal prior to your session, this can make you feel uncomfortable during treatment.

POST-Treatment Advice:

  • Drink plenty of water after each treatment to assist in the flushing out of waste from the body

  • Follow a healthy, balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. Cutting back on starch white carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread, pasta and desserts, and limit intake of animal fats, cheese and butter

  • Dry body brush twice daily (morning and evening)

  • Avoid hot baths or showers, steam or heat treatments for 24 hours

  • Avoid alcohol for 48-72 hours after treatment