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Glamour Lashes & Brows
Bridal Lashes
Glamour Set of Lashes

Russian Eyelash Extensions are tailored to each individual client. Sets of Lashes area completely bespoke: extension lengths, curl and styling are all adapted to best suit your chosen look. There are 4 options to choose from:

Natural Set - for a nice subtle every day enhancement that keeps everyone guessing whether they're your own lashes!

Full Set - still quite natural looking but a little more defined (doesn't get lost behind makeup like Natural can).

Glamour Set - the most popular option, for absolutely lush lashes that you can wear endlessly!

Dramatic Volume Set - also known as 'Mega Volume'. Maximum fullness, ideal for special occasions such as photoshoots and weddings etc.

Louska uses specialist techniques & expertise when performing the services to ensure a perfect lightweight application of extensions that leave you feeling like you don't have anything on!  Combined with the best aftercare practices, this maintains and even improves the health of some clients natural eyelashes over time. Which is contrary to the popular belief that Lash Extensions are damaging (it's entirely dependant on the quality of the service as well as aftercare!).

Infills are priced by time, at the same rate regardless of which set you have! This means you only ever pay for exactly what you get, plus it rewards those who take good care of their lashes.

Louska continually strives to ensure that where possible only cruelty-free and vegan friendly products are used. An increasing number of products are becoming environmentally friendly too and you can rest assured that Louska Beauty are investing in more and more of these products whenever they become available in the high-quality brands that are used in salon.

For a list of other services available at Louska Beauty see the Services page.


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If you have not had a treatment with Louska previously, please separately book the relevant patch test/consultation at least 48hours prior to your new treatment.
(Applies to: Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts, Brow Lamination, Tinting, Henna & Microblading)
Booking fees & other terms apply. Please read the Information Page prior to booking.

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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

  • For the first 24 hours after your appointment, avoid getting lashes wet

  • Keep visits to Saunas/Steams rooms to a minimum

  • Avoid exposing extensions to extreme heat (eg. facing hot oven when opening)

  • Keep eyelashes clean & oil free (wash regularly, especially prior to infill appointments)

  • Brush lashes regularly

  • Do not wear mascara

  • Do not try to curl extensions

  • Avoid rubbing/pulling you lashes

  • NEVER attempt to remove your extensions (book professional removal)

  • Avoid sleeping on your lashes

  • To keep them looking great, schedule infill appointments every 2-4 weeks*