Plasma Fibroblast in Barnsley


Nearly all areas of the face and body can be treated. If you can't find an option on the online booking page that suits your needs, just book a consultation a we will customise a treatment plan just for you!

Full Face Treatment Deal:

2 sessions of Plasma Fibroblast targeting all facial areas PLUS two complimentary LED facials to further promote skin healing and anti-aging.


Fibroblast skin tightening is a revolutionary procedure that tightens the skin without the need for surgery. It can provide similar results to surgery but without the excessive and painful recovery time.

A specialist Plasma Fibroblast device with a metal probe or needle is used to ionize atmospheric gas between its tip and the gasses that the skin naturally emits. This forms a plasma charge/electrical arc which will cause skin to retract and tighten. Initially, small dots will be left on the skin, these usually scab up and shed in the first week, however, skin will continue to improve as it heals and repairs over about 12 weeks.  

Facelift Surgery    VS    Plasma Fibroblast

❌ Risky General Anaesthetic (having to be put to sleep carries multiple risks, puts strain on the body and leaves you groggy afterwards)

❌ Manual pulling of the skin which can thin the skin leaving it more susceptible to damage/aging

❌ Long recovery Time with lots of bruising

❌ Results can often look unnatural and obvious that you've had work

❌ Can cost upwards of £10,000

✅ Simple Numbing Cream to the treatment area(s) (as soon as the treatment is done you can leave and go about your day!)


✅ Plasma encourages the skin to heal and renew from within. (Skin is firmed in the healthiest way!) 

✅ Scabs are minimal and usually only last a few days

✅ Works with your body to give the most natural looking results

✅ Costs less than a 10th of surgery

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If you have not had a treatment with Louska previously, please separately book the relevant patch test/consultation at least 48hours prior to your new treatment.
(Applies to: Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts, Brow Lamination, Tinting, Henna & Microblading)
Booking fees & other terms apply. Please read the Information Page prior to booking.

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Plasma Pen Aftercare

Immediate Aftercare (until scabs are gone):

  • For the first 48+ hours, keep treatment areas elevated (e.g. after an eye area treatment, sleep propped up instead of laying flat), this will help minimise initial swelling.

  • Use only gentle cleansers on your treatment area(s) (no products containing acids: glycolic, lactic or AHA etc and no exfoliants!) being very careful around the treatment area(s) and rinse any cleansers off thoroughly

  • If/when the treatment area gets wet, very GENTLY pat dry with tissue or a clean towel

  • Avoid wearing makeup on the treatment area(s)

  • Do not expose the area(s) to extreme heat or cold (be careful even in hot showers)

  • Do not scratch, pick or rub your treatment area(s) whilst they are healing, as this can damage the results significantly and may even cause scarring

  • Keep treatment area(s) dry, if skin is too dry or itchy you may apply gentle moisturising products or aloe vera gel

  • Please remember that the final results take around 12 weeks! During the healing process the tightening of skin may even appear to subside, this is completely normal (due to differing levels of skin hydration and swelling) and under no circumstances should you undergo further procedures until after 12 weeks.

Long-Term Aftercare:

  • Avoid too much exposure to UV rays (please use sunblock or products containing a high SPF such as SPF50)

  • Avoid processes that are particularly harsh on the skin

  • Look after your general wellbeing (e.g. avoid smoking, drink plenty of water etc.)

  • Use good quality products on your skin