• Louska Arnott

Henna Brows or HD Brows?

It's the same as Henna Brows VS Tint... there's no competition. I don't care if it's controversial to say, but HD Brows (which is just a brand name) is nothing more than a well-marketed, over-glorified, Tint & Shape service, that sometimes includes a make-up finish to make results appear better than reality.

So, what is Henna? Henna is a plant-based pigment that coats hair and stains skin. At the Louska Beauty clinic in South Yorkshire, they use the market-leading BrowXenna, which contains the lowest amount of PPD vs any other brands. The strong skin-staining feature of Henna is the reason for its surge in popularity. That, coupled with its natural hair growth promoting properties, means it is now a firm favourite for clients going through "brow rehab". 90s brow victims, we got you!

...Yes, you can stain the skin a little with tint. But it's not designed for this, and it doesn't having the staying power! I have personally had clients whose skin stain lasted 3 weeks! *gasps*... This isn't the average for most people sadly, but a real testament to its staying power non the less.

Unfortunately, some peoples skin types don't always suit Henna. However, there IS another alternative... 'Hybrid Dye'. The best of both worlds, Hybrid Dye works fairly similarly to tint in how it's mixed, but it has been designed specifically to stain the skin just like Henna! Both Henna and Dye are available in a much larger range or colours than traditional tint too. Meaning that blondes can finally have precision brows without having to go super dark and bold! Now, another couple of critical factors that contribute to beautiful lasting brows are; the artist and the aftercare! A qualified and experienced brow artist is always going to give you better results. When researching who to choose, make sure to see photos of their work (do you like their style?) and read reviews (are the photos genuinely theirs?). Aftercare. There's no point in paying for gorgeous brows if you're going to slather them in skincare containing chemical exfoliants (hydroxy acids etc.) or retinoids. Simply keep skin (gently) clean and moisturised.

So, in a nut shell: HD Brows are old news. And if you want great brows, you need to find an artist whose work you love instead of just searching for flashy brand names.

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