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Will A Lash Lift Damage My Natural Lashes?

Updated: Mar 16

As is the case with most beauty treatments, as long as you go to a reputable professional, there should be minimal risks of things going wrong or causing damage... The key here is "reputable professional". You need to find someone you trust (Did a friend recommend them? Do they have good reviews?), who clearly cares about what they do (Are the transparent about the products they use? Do they perform a patch test at least 48 hours prior to treatments on new clients?).

An Eyelash Lift (often referred to as LVL - which is just a well marketed brand of lash lift) is a fantastic service, when done correctly. However, it absolutely can and will cause damage if you are not careful!

Thanks to Covid related lockdowns there has been an extraordinary surge in people purchasing at-home kits to do their own eyelash lifting. Big Yikes! Even as a professionally trained individual, I would not do my own lashes. It's much easier (and SAFER) for someone else to do them... and for them to be done with professional products. Some of these home kits don't even tell you the ingredients and have barely legible instructions. This should really ring alarm bells for anyone who is particularly attached to their eyes lol. It is astonishing how little people seem to care for the health of something so precious. Too many people take their eyes for granted.

Even in the professional world though, there are a huge variety of products out there. The choice can be overwhelming. At the Louska Beauty clinic in South Yorkshire though, we only use Elleeplex Profusion. A dual lifting and laminating system that is: TGA & Sodium Bromate Free - To reduce risk of damage and harm (bromate is actually a known carcinogen! It is quite rightly banned in some countries, however, it is STILL an active ingredient in some Lash Lift products over here in the UK). Healthy - Containing a Cysteamine Hydrochloride formula that minimises the chance of over-processing and defends against damage (many mixtures of lifting solutions will quite literally frazzle your eyelashes if left even a minute too long, this nourishing formula prevents that from happening). Every service also includes an Elleeplex ReGEN treatment with amino acid technology, containing peptides, panthenol and 8 plant extracts to; condition, strengthen and boost moisture levels of your natural eyelashes. Vegan Friendly - It is not, nor will it ever be, tested on animals. The raw materials used in the formulation contain absolutely zero materials derived or sourced from animals, animal tissues, or tissue extracts etc.

Another important factor to consider, is how you take care of your eyelashes after your treatment. You can still cause damage to your lashes yourself. Even without having had a treatment on your lashes you could easily damage them. After being lifted though, even with conditioning treatments added, the natural lashes can be more vulnerable than usual. So, to make sure they stay healthy and well lifted; avoid putting anything on your lashes for 24 hours, don't sleep on them, and be mindful of sources of heat damage (steam, opening a hot oven or dishwasher etc.)!

How to avoid damage:

  • Seek out a professional lash tech (check their reviews)

  • Look for someone who uses TGA and Bromate free products

  • Follow the aftercare advice you are given

  • Schedule appointments at least 6 weeks apart (to give time for most lifted lashes to grow out)

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